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A political sign featuring a four letter word followed by the name of the sitting president, has drawn attention from social media and from the Town Manager. As of Thursday afternoon the sign was not visible in front of the Manomet home on State Road near Churchill Landing Road.

“This is a resident who we have spoken to quite a few times about signs that some others find offensive.  This person has had signs up and down throughout the election and some since.   We can send someone from our Building Department to the property to try and encourage the sign removal,” Town Manager Melissa G. Arrighi wrote in her weekly report.

The Town Manager was responding to a question from a different resident who asked: “I am significantly concerned about the resident at XXXX in Manomet who has a large highly offensive sign on the front lawn.   The sign says “F—- Biden” I am fine with his political views, but children are exposed to this and frankly it is a disservice to our community…Is there anything we can do, there’s a bus stop right across the street”

On the You Know You’re From Manomet When….Facebook page a debate centered on the question if the sign was protected free speech or simply bad taste.

Arrighi concluded “At the end of the day, there is little to no ability to force someone to remove a sign from their own property.  Even if we could bring the matter to court, which I am not sure the courts would even hear such a case, the history at the residential home suggests it will be replaced with another one.”