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Selectman candidate Harry Helm endorsed the concept of a tax on new residential development to combat the “cost” of growth in Plymouth. Helm, a real estate salesperson, opposes a building moratorium and supports raising the commercial tax base to 30% of property tax revenue.

Helm is challenging incumbent Selectman Kenneth Tavares in the May election. All candidates are encouraged to contact 1620Today with news and announcements relative to this year’s Town elections.

In comments made on Facebook Helm said, “Our current new home construction scenario is untenable. Given that it costs about $15,000 before Chapter 70 funding to educate 1 student for 1 year ( and Plymouth is not out of the norm here) it’s not difficult to see that, even before figuring Police, Fire and DPW costs, nearly every new residence with even only 1 child is a net tax loss and increases everyone else’s taxes.”

Any local development tax would likely require legislative approval.

“I feel safe in my belief that developers would pass this on to buyers,” Helm added. The money raised from the proposed tax would go into a fund to “help offset the net tax loss these [new residences] represent,”

Pine Hills construction.