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Virus rates dropped for a fifth straight week according to state data released today. Last week Plymouth moved from a red risk community to the lower yellow risk status.

Plymouth’s incidence rate per 100,000 dipped to 13.1 per 100,000 from 18.1 the week before and the percent of positive tests fell to 2.91% from 3.6%, both data points are based on a 14 day moving average, representing data from April 18 to May 1.

The year’s lowest rate per 100,000 occurred the week ending March 9, just before the outbreak at the High Point Treatment Center in Manomet, where according to the Plymouth Director of Public Karen Keane at least 50 residents have tested positive, with more testing yet to come, as of March 24th.

The highest rate per 100,000 was in mid-January at 89.4/100,000 residents since the state has been compiling the data in this format on a municipal level in early August of 2020.