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The Plymouth Police Department has revamped its social media strategy to provide officer profiles and behind the scenes access via a newly launched Facebook page. The strategy is designed to increase the department’s transparency with the Town and humanize individual officers with one on one interviews. Most of the videos are semi-spontaneous interviews recorded with a hand held camera, some of the officers are clearly more comfortable in front of the camera than others.

The page has earned nearly 2000 likes and 2500 followers in less than a month, many posts have hundreds of likes and dozens of comments.

In the first episode of “How we do things” Detective Carl Ditmars explains how the evidence room works.

Plymouth native Officer Patrick Wetterberg explains how he likes Plymouth Rock, to the chagrin of his Captain conducting the interview in an episode of “Faces of the Plymouth PD”

Shift Commander Lieutenant George “Ged” Driscoll has been with the department for 18 years.

Officer Cam Fleming outside Town Hall.

Credit: Plymouth Police Department.

Mounted Unit Officer Kevin Ciavarra and his horse Will.

Credit: Plymouth Police Department.