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A new “Mayflower” controlled by artificial intelligence to re-trace course of original voyage

On April 19th a 21st century version of the Mayflower will depart Plymouth England without a captain, crew or passengers bound for the now, not so quite new, world and expected to arrive here in early May.

The 50 foot Mayflower Autonomous Ship will take about two weeks to complete the wind-solar powered IMB funded journey. The “captain” of the ship is an computer which has learned to identify various sea going obstacles after analyzing over a million images.

What was it like in Plymouth before the Mayflower?

Mayflower 400 UK present “The Making of the Wetu” which reveals “what life was like before the Mayflower passengers arrived in America and how the Native American people lived their lives.” The Wampanoag people intend to build a traditional Wetu home in England near the home sites of some of the original Mayflower passengers later this year.