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Selectmen approve plan to expand rail trail from Nelson Park to Lothrop Street

On Tuesday night the Board of Selectmen approved a proposal to extend the Plymouth rail trail from Nelson Park south to Lothrop Street. The extended trail would run along the former railroad right of way already owned by the Town, cross Nelson Street and terminate at the small parking lot near the Copper Cove apartments and the Cold Spring Athletic Club.

The proposal by the Community Preservation Committee will be forwarded to Town Meeting.

Town asking state for assistance to reduce speed limit from Exit 3 to Transfer Station from 45mph to 40mph

The Town is in the process of requesting state approval, guided by Federal Highway Administration guidelines, to reduce the speed limit on Clark and Beaver Dam Roads from Exit 3 running north to just beyond the Manomet Transfer Station.

Accidents on that stretch have been up slightly over the course of the last decade and the area is significantly more populated than when the original 45mph limit was set. 30mph speed limits in the the area of the highway ramps would remain unchanged.